Relieve Stress with Reflective Questions

You can learn how to relieve stress with reflective questions. Simply put, reflective questions relieve stress. The reasons are twofold: (1) Just asking redirects your thinking which, in turn, changes your feelings, and (2) you realize that you have options—that you need not feel like a victim.

Reflective questions carry additional attributes aside from relieving stress because they place you in command. That, by itself, reduces tension, anxiety, and stress. Asking yourself reflective questions can relieve stress by also defusing frustrating situations and promoting responsible thinking.

Even if there seems to be a pause as you formulate a question, that’s okay because you are engaged in the process of thinking. Of course, thinking is the first step to have reflective questions relieve stress.

Questions to Relieve Stress

Some people will make a list of reflective questions to relieve stress and have them handy for quick references. Some examples are:

  • What are my options?
  • How would (my father, my mother, my religious leader) deal with this situation?
  • What would an extraordinary person do in this situation?
  • What is the worst thing that can happen and can I live with it?

There are two other techniques that relieve stress. They are “positivity” and “choice.”

When you talk to yourself in a positive manner, chances are that you will talk to others in the same way. When you do, your effectiveness will be increased, your relationships will improve, and that means your stress will also be relieved.

The other practice to relieve stress is to realize that regardless of the situation that you cannot change, whatever stimulates you, or whatever the urge, you never need be a victim because you ALWAYS have the power to choose your reaction.

Tip: These three practices of reflection, positivity and choice are significant stress reducers.

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