One Tip to Deal with Stress

When you deal with stress, do you often feel overwhelmed? Does it seem like there are so many things to focus on that you can’t move forward toward anything? This tip will help you regain control when you need it.

Let’s start with a short story to help put this in perspective: There was once a navy jet pilot who was terrified at first when landing his aircraft on the deck of an aircraft carrier. “Everything was in motion,” he said. “The ship was tossing up and down, the waves were moving, the airplane was moving, and trying to get it all to move together seemed impossible.”

An old pro gave the young pilot some advice that solved the problem and helped him deal with stress. “There is a yellow marker in the center of the flight deck that always stays still,” the veteran told him. “Always line up the nose of the plane toward that mark and fly straight toward it.”

Focus to Deal with Stress

The old pilot’s advice is poignant and simple: Always have a goal—a “mark” to work toward—and keep your eyes firmly fixed on it. Doing so will help you deal with stress in a productive way.

Think about your current situation. You may have many stressors pulling you in different directions. Think about the “mark” or the goal you have. What do you want to accomplish? What will be the end result of your hard work? How will your life or situation change? Keep that vision in mind and use it to guide you through the stressful situation.

Tip: When you must deal with stress, focus on your goal, and your anxiety and stress will immediately diminish.

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