Use Education to Reduce Stress

Image of three silhouettes, each problem solving in a different way

If you want to reduce stress, remember Albert Einstein’s quote: “Education is what you have left over after you have forgotten everything you have learned in school.” What does this quote have to do with reducing stress? Well, when you focus on true education, rather than fact memorization, you can reduce stress.

Realize that learning is not simply the acquisition of facts. This is a powerful insight to always remember.

Education, or learning, is always renewable because learning should never end until life ends. You always have the option of looking at any new learning as a positive experience. You also have the choice to engage in the activity (remembering that with the risk comes the reward), and to reflect on the joy of your new learning.

A Simple Way to Reduce Stress

To dig deeper, let’s compare learning with training.

Training is imitative; education is creative. The difference between a trained person and an educated person can be likened to the difference between a parrot and its owner.

Training teaches you to solve problems according to procedures others have tested and proved. Once you have learned the procedure, you keep repeating it for as long as the task is useful. When the task is no longer useful, the skill is no longer valuable.

In contrast, education or learning teaches you to develop your own procedures, solve your own problems, and move onto other challenges—as in stressful situations. This is how education can help reduce stress.

Just remember that training is a program that has a beginning and an end.

Education is a process that has a beginning but NO end.

Tip: Continue learning creative approaches to reduce stress.

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