Research/Testimonials of Discipline Without Stress


I have recently been researching your discipline system and it sounds pretty impressive. I was looking for studies that prove your system works, but unfortunately I have found none. The only thing I can find is testimonies from teachers posted on your web site. Would you be able to tell me where I can find some other sources that prove your system works (if there are any). Thank you.


Testimonials themselves are validations that the system works. See a variety of them at testimonials.

The increasing number of subscribers to the monthly discipline and learning newsletter (now at over 15,000), the increasing number of mailring subscribers at, and the increasing book sales (50,000) give indication that something must be working.

The first question that needs to be addressed is whether or not what I advocate is being implemented. If the practices below are not implemented (in a classroom or school), the assessment would not be valid.

1. Teaching procedures, practicing them, and then reinforcing them.  In other words, does the teacher practice good classroom management—or are rules and assuming students know how and what to do the prime sources of reliance?

2. Does the teacher communicate in POSITIVE terms to encourage students—or are the communications forthcoming in a way that immediately prompts negative feelings and becomes counterproductive to success?
3. Does the teacher always give the student CHOICES—preferably three?
4. Does the teacher ask questions that prompt REFLECTION and self-evaluation?

RAISE RESPONSIBILITY SYSTEM (Teaching, Asking, Eliciting)
5. Have the students learned the ABCD levels of social development? (TEACHING)
6. Has the teacher prompted reflection in a NONCOERCIVE manner to have students identify the level of chosen behavior using the ABCD hierarchy? (ASKING)
7. If disruptions continue, did the teacher ELICIT a procedure or consequence to assist in redirecting future impulsive behaviors—or does the teacher impose punishment, which immediately engenders adversarial relationships?

8. Does the teacher use the hierarchy to promote a  DESIRE to have students put forth effort for learning?

The biggest challenges facing teachers today are: (1) motivating students to learn and (2) keeping classroom discipline.

I guarantee that these two areas are most effectively accomplished by following what is described above, implementing ALL phases of the Discipline Without Stress Teaching Model.