Responsibility and France

As I reflect on my recent visit to France, a few bits of information stand out.

The most striking is the results of a survey. The question posed to the French people was: “Whose responsibility is it to pick up dog droppings?” The responses indicated that most people think it is the government’s responsibility.

In other words, the impression they have is that “responsibility” is put on the government, rather than on individual citizens.

During my trip, I learned that France has a mandated 35-hour workweek, along with 12 holidays and five (5) weeks of paid vacation. Also, it is illegal in France to hold two jobs. 

Although France and the United States have much in common, the cultures have many differences. Perhaps the most striking is the difference in emphasis on responsibility.

France is a wonderful place to visit. If you do, put the old Roman city of Avignon, the walled medieval city of St. Paul de Vence, and the French Riviera on your itinerary.