Self-Reflection and Effectiveness

A school principal contacted me for advice. He was trying to put together a way for the teachers at his school to reflect on their year and to self-evaluate. He wanted it to be something that was do-able, that wouldn’t feel overwhelming in its scope or the time it would take for them to complete, and that would feel meaningful and help guide their work for next year.

My suggestion was this: Pose the following question to your teachers. “If I were a student, would I want me as a teacher? If yes, list the reasons. If no, list the reasons.

Of course, this question isn’t just for teachers. You can reframe it for any situation or relationship, as in:

  • If I were a child, would I want me as a parent?
  • If I were an employee, would I want me as a boss?
  • If I were married, would I want to be married to me?

You’ll find that a little self-reflection goes a long way to your future success.