Smiling Can Reduce Stress

Can the simple act of smiling really reduce stress? According my own research and personal experience, the answer is yes.

Scientists know that negative emotions can cause a cascade of biological responses that harm the body. These include chronic stress that increases inflammation, and inflammation has been linked to a host of health problems.

Therefore, give your life a smile. It is not a stretch to think that smiling, which is a cousin of happiness, can also prompt positive changes in the body and reduce stress.

Examples of Using Smiles to Reduce Stress

Try this: Before talking into your cell phone, smile. This routine will make it easier for you to put a smile in your voice. When you smile while talking, you AND the person with whom you are talking will hear your pleasant tone of voice. In addition, you will witness the positive changes in both your body and your emotions, thus helping to reduce stress.

Need more proof? Experiments have found that people who smiled while receiving a needle injection rated the ordeal as 40% less painful than those who did not smile. This may be considered a testament for faking it until you make it. In the experiments, the people who smiled during the injection did not have their heart rates increase.

The next time you go to the doctor’s and receive a shot, smile during the short procedure. You may also find out how amazingly it works.

Tip: When you find yourself under stress, smile!

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