Stopping Confrontations Immediately by Using the Hierarachy

Someone wrote the following:

“I am teaching at an urban middle (6-8) charter school in Indianapolis. It is the first year, and the school has expelled a number of kids. I am on a temporary assignment (3 weeks). My teacher friend has adapted the, “They are not serious about their education” approach and has a dumbed down curriculum.

“I have had success in simply using the hierarchy when I was struggling with teaching middle school. So I taught the hierarchy. In order to bring the class to order, I used a whole class approach of stating the number of students not at levels C or D and then stating the behaviors being displayed as being either A or B behaviors.

“This immediately stopped the need for calling out individual names and the inevitable confrontations.”

The reason that the teacher had immediate success was that she prompted students to reflect as to their choice on the Hierarchy of Social Development.

The hierarchy allows people to label and reflect:
(A) Am I CHOOSING to BEHAVE on a level of narcissism (only being interested in myself and thereby fostering ANARCHY)?

(B) Am I CHOOSING to BEHAVE on a level of BULLYING OR BOSSING where I am making my own rules?

(C) Am I CHOOSING to be MOTIVATED by what is expected of me by others (EXternal motivation)? or

(D) Am I CHOOSING to be MOTIVATED by what is the right thing to do (INternal motivation)?