Having a Strategy Reduces Stress

strategy reduces stress

For many people, having a strategy reduces stress. In fact, people of all ages can operate more responsibly and reduce their stress level if they have a strategy.

Ask young people the following question: “If you wanted to be fully responsible right now, what would you be doing?” (This is a great question to ask yourself, too!)

In most cases, the answer will be readily apparent. This question prompts you to think in self-empowering ways. As a result, you’ll be motivated to act on the response.

Another strategy is to use sentence-completion exercises.

For example, just for a week begin the day by thinking of endings to each of the following sentences:

If I operate 5% more responsibly at home (at work, at school), I will….

If I accept responsibility for my happiness, I will….

If I choose my response in stressful situations, I will….

People of all ages find that this exercise prompts the mind toward more responsible behaviors. Additionally, when you have an action plan for yourself in place, your stress level will naturally decrease.

But don’t just think about your answers. Actually write down your responses and create a real plan for yourself. When you put your plans in writing, you are more apt to act on them. Writing makes your ideas concrete.

So what is your strategy for being more responsible and managing your stress? What will you do today to positively impact your life? If you know that having a strategy reduces stress, what is your strategy?

Create one today so you can have a happier and less stressful tomorrow.

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