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Choose Your Response During Stressful Situations

Stressful situations are bound to happen. But no matter what occurs, you can always choose your response. Consider this true story.

I was comfortably seated in an airplane ready for take-off on a flight to California. I had just started reading my book when the pilot announced a two-hour delay. Los Angeles International Airport was fogged in.

After a few minutes of additional reading, I looked up from my book. I was one of the few passengers who had not deplaned. Even with a good read, adding two hours to the flight seemed a little long to remain seated. I left my materials in the overhead storage compartment and returned to the airport terminal.

After a half-hour of strolling and … >>>


Choose Your Reactions

We’ve all been in situations that can put us in a bad mood: traffic jams, dealing with unruly children, interacting with rude co-workers … the list goes on. But have you developed the self-discipline to choose your reaction to the situation?

I admit that while in the midst of a stressful situation, it’s hard to consciously choose to stay positive or to not let something upset you. In that moment, negativity may surround you, and negativity is very contagious. That’s why I recommend everyone develop a procedure for dealing with stressful situations. My favorite is the Stop, Think, and Go procedure, which I explain here.

Whatever procedure you opt to use for yourself and to teach your children, the … >>>


The Importance of Self-Pride

Either momentarily or regularly, we experience circumstances that are beyond our control. Be it with family members, weather or other natural forces, inconveniences, unpleasant assignments, or unrewarding relationships, we all encounter situations we cannot change. However, we can choose our responses to these situations. How we choose to handle life’s challenges largely determines how we feel about ourselves.

As Oseola McCarty, a washerwoman who donated $150,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi, once said, “If you want to be proud of yourself, you’ve got to do things you can be proud of.” Choosing to respond positively in any situation improves the feelings we have about ourselves.

A friend describes the feeling this way: “I like to talk about self-pride. I … >>>