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Common Questions About Discipline Without Stress

Parents and teachers often ask me questions about Discipline Without Stress, both its methodology and best practices. Following are some of the most common questions I received. I hope they help others in their quest to raise responsible children.

(Q = Question. R = Response)

Q: What would you do in the following scenario: You ask your children/students to identify the level they have chosen but they refuse to be honest and acknowledge the actual level chosen.

R: If the youngster is in the 5th or 6th grade or above, I would NOT ASK. Instead I would say, “Reflect on the level you are choosing, and consider whether you want to continue on that level or rise to a … >>>


Questions About Behavior and Discipline

Here are a few of the most common questions I receive from teachers regarding behavior and discipline. Some of them may resonate with you.

Question 1: I generally have few major behavior problems because I set high expectations and I keep students busy, but I do have problems with talking. Is talking a Level B behavior problem?

My reply:
Talking is a Level B issue only if your students are talking when they shouldn’t be. In such cases, I would teach a psychological lesson and develop a procedure such as illustrated at

UNLESS THE STUDENT HAS A PROCEDURE TO REDIRECT THE IMPULSE, the student will remain a victim of the talking impulse.

Question 2: How about doing their homework? … >>>