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Want to Reduce Your Stress? Stop Controlling People

During times of stress, it’s natural to focus on controlling people—what they do and how they act. After all, stress makes you feel like you’ve lost control, so it’s human nature to try to regain that sense of control in some way. Many people accomplish this by controlling others, including their partners, children, and co-workers. But did you know that the more you focus on controlling people, the more stress you’ll ultimately experience?

How do you know if you’re being too controlling? If you experience much stress when interacting with others, chances are that you are aiming to control them. The fact is that people being controlled have low motivation to carry out decisions IMPOSED upon them. As scores of … >>>


Discipline Without Stress Newsletter – March 2015

Volume 15 Number 3


I am very pleased to make the following special announcement:

The Discipline without Stress eLearning course is now available. The course is divided into short easy-to-navigate topics. As a subscriber to my newsletter, you are the first to be informed of this money-saving introductory offer.

While seminar companies charge $229 for my on site performance, and many online courses are at $329, this eLearning course will be $99.95—for a very limited time only.

If you are an educator and have challenges solving behavior problems simply and immediately, or think classroom management and discipline are the same, or if your students are apathetic toward learning, then the Discipline

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How to Improve Situations

If you look around at your family and friends, you will see that the happiest people are the ones who don’t pretend to know what’s right for others and don’t try to control anyone but themselves.

You will further see that the people who are most miserable are those who are always trying to control others. Even if they have a lot of power, the constant resistance in some form by the weaker people they are trying to control, deprives them of happiness.

If you try to control a friend, the friendship will be short-lived. Yet, sometimes we try to control those who are most dear to us. If we don’t use a controlling approach with friends because it would … >>>