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Avoid This Discipline Without Stress Mistake

If you are new to the Disciple Without Stress approach, here is some advice:

One common early mistake teachers make is to think that knowledge of the levels, ABCD, is the “magic key” to Discipline Without Stress—that once students know the levels and can identify their level at any point in time, that all the teacher has to do is ask, “At what level is this behavior?” and the child will magically move to level C or D. If only it were that easy!

Realize that the levels are just a UNIQUE vocabulary aspect of Discipline Without Stress that enables teachers and students to more easily communicate about types of behavior choices. They also enable students to reflect silently in … >>>


Discipline Without Stress Newsletter – October 2014

—Volume 14 Number 10


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The pleasure is inherent in the responsible act. —Evelyn Marshall

The RAISE RESPONSIBILITY SYSTEM is explained in Phase III of both the “Discipline Without Stress Teaching Model” and the “Parenting Without Stress Model.” The explanation of the system has been edited to make it easier to understand and implement.

A waitress came up to a customer, poured him a cup of coffee, and commented, “It’s a great day isn’t it?” He looked up at her and growled, “What’s so great about it?” She just looked at him and

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