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Reflective Questions Make Interactions Less Stressful

reflective questionsAsking reflective questions is the key ingredient to making interactions with youth less stressful. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or someone who interacts with children on a regular basis, you’ll find that reflective questions reduce tension, defuse frustrating situations, and promote responsible thinking in youth.

Asking reflective questions becomes easier with practice. Initially, when you decide to embark on this path, the process can seem difficult. Some teachers and parents actually make a chart of the reflective questions offered in the book, Discipline Without Stress (p. 19-20). They carry the list of questions with them and pull them out to review when the need arises. Remember, it doesn’t hurt for there to be a pause (as you formulate a … >>>


The Discipline of Practice

How are you multiplying your effect on others? Take the practice of positivity, for example.

Are you making it a practice to self-talk in positive ways—always attempting to make any lemon into lemonade?

With friends talking about others, are you focusing on good traits of others rather than always focusing on negative ones?

When conversing with parents, are you helping them redirect negative, coercive thoughts by prompting them to reflect?

With your children, do you communicate in ways so that they perceive conversations in a noncoercive, encouraging manner?

With fellow employees, are you acknowledging their contributions?

You can extend your effectiveness by practicing your skills in as many situations as you can find.… >>>