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Negative Effects of Stress

There are many negative effects of stress. Stress makes us feel bad all over. It increases irritability and everyday activities become chores. We begin avoiding our usual activities—even things we enjoy. Stress also prompts us to make unsound, unwise decisions, including those that directly affect our finances and our jobs. It impinges on our appetites, having us feel like either eating too much or not enough. Sometimes we even begin to neglect our physical appearance.

Clearly, the effects of stress on the mind and body are numerous. Unfortunately, adults aren’t the only ones who experience stress. Children feel stress too.

Since stress can powerfully affect learning, you can predict that children living in high-anxiety households would not perform as well … >>>


Stress and Learning Theory

Stress may be silently sabotaging kids’ success in school. 

A little stress is good. It heightens alertness and improves performance. But as stress exceeds a certain level, distress emerges and has a negative effect on both learning and performance.

Here are a few examples of how stress can turn into distress according to learning theory:
1. Continually speaking to kids in negative terms
2. Relying on rules and imposing punishments, rather than teaching procedures
3. Continually promoting obedience, rather than promoting responsibility
4. Using coercion, rather than encouragement, empowerment, and inspiration

Reflecting on how your communications effects teaching and learning can help reduce distress.… >>>