Teacher Consistency and Discipline Problems

Consistency in approach is important for youth. One common complaint I hear from teachers who use the Discipline Without Stress system is that it can be tough for students to experience consistency when all the faculty and staff in the school aren’t on the same page in terms of handling discipline problems.  

That’s why I offer an In-House Staff Development package for schools, which promotes responsible behavior and increases academic performance.

Schools who engage in the training benefit because it helps reduce office referrals and suspensions, diminish bullying, increase safety, and enhance academic performance.

Teachers benefit because it improves classroom management skills, empowers teachers to better handle classroom disruptions, and reduces stress.

Student benefit because they start to behave more responsibly, resist inappropriate peer influence, and demonstrate more effort in learning.

When an entire school is utilizing the Discipline Without Stress program, the results are amazing. Students WANT to become more self-disciplined, reduce negative impulses and victimhood thinking, and gain the satisfaction that comes from doing what is right without rewards, threats, or punishments. What could be better than that?

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  1. I’m a college maths lecturer interested in Jungian psychology. I work with my shadow in order to improve both my teaching practice and student behaviour. I have converted my shadow dialogues into a series of animations which are available on my website http://www.gavinboyd.com Here is a dialogue with my inner rebellious teenager and playlist of shadow work in education. Healing this part of my shadow had a positive impact in the classroom.