The Importance of Procedures

One of the many things I discuss in my seminars to teachers and parents is how important procedures are to increase efficiency. This applies to one’s personal life as well. Here is a current experience that my wife gave permission to share.

My wife oftentimes turns the computer off and leaves the room without the computer shutting down. “I’m a quick getaway gal” is her quip. I often suggest the procedure of staying in the room until the computer totally shuts down.

The faucet in our kitchen sink must be pulled down vertically; otherwise, the faucet drips. My suggested procedure is to look at the faucet after the handle is pulled down to be sure there is not any dripping.

Two weeks ago, the quick getaway gal turned the upstairs bathroom sink on when she thought it was off. I happened to go downstairs and suggested she join me to watch rain coming from the ceiling. She flew upstairs to turn off the bathroom faucet. A little procedure such as looking to be sure that the water is turned off rather than left running before leaving the area could have saved money—thousands of it.

We are now living in a motel for a month or two while our residence is machine dried, asbestos tested, re-plastered, repainted, and all of our packed furniture is moved from storage back to its previous location.

Another life experience!

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