The Key to Communicate to Influence

Every so often messages and stories are repeated in order to bring them back to our attention.

Often we are not conscious of the power of our communications.

The words and phrases we use in our daily interactions have three major influences:
(1) They influence how we think and experience the world,
(2) They shape the way others see us, and
(3) They determine how much cooperation and success we have with other people.

We can use words which are landmines–which will blow up our odds of getting cooperation–or we can be persuasive in a positive way. For example, if I introduce a phrase with the word, “unfortunately,” it conjures up that something bad will follow. I have communicated in such a way that it prompts the listener to set up a negative mindset.

The key is to accentuate the positive. When thoughts are guided to focus on the positive and constructive, then the self is nourished and enriched. A monkey is smart enough to eat only the nourishing banana and throw away the bitter peel. Yet, humans often “chew on the peel” of negatives. Negative thoughts and words affect us in the ways listed above.

The following short tale will help you focus on the positive so that you will think this way, will shape how others see you, and will influence how much cooperation and success you have with other people.

A salesgirl in a candy store always had customers lined up waiting while other salesgirls stood around. The owner of the store noted her popularity and asked for her secret. “It’s easy,” she said. “The other girls scoop up more than a pound of candy and then start subtracting some.”

She continued, “I always scoop up less than a pound and then add to it.”

People are like magnets. They are drawn to the positive and repelled by the negative.