The Levels and Motivating a First Grader

The following communication, written by Mary Lou Cebula, an elementary school principal in Warren Township, New Jersey was forwarded to me. She has given me permission to share it.

A mother called me the other day to tell me Dr. Marshall’s levels of development are working even at home. Her first grade son is very tired at the end of each day. On the previous evening he had soccer practice after school and about 6:30 p.m. she was trying to get him to take a bath. He was lying on the bathroom floor naked and crying, “I am not going to take a bath and I am not getting my picture taken!” (The next day was picture day.) His mother calmly responded by saying, “I guess I will have to call Mrs. O’Donnell (his teacher) and tell her you are at level A behavior.”

He immediately got off the floor and took his bath without another complaint.