The Raise Responsibility System in Action

When I presented at the National Catholic Educators Association conference and walked by one of the booths in the exhibit hall, Dr. Patricia McCormack stopped me. We had never met, but she recognized me from the picture on my website. She told me that she knows about the RAISE RESPONSIBILITY SYSTEM from my website and saw the program at work in a California school.

To quote from her book, "Student Self-Discipline in the Classroom & Beyond" (National Catholic Educational Association, 2003):

"The faculty in-serviced themselves through discussion and
consideration of Marshall's book. Before the program was
implemented, the teachers provided an in-service for
parents, staff members, and students.

"It was necessary for us to keep in mind that a
discipline program that does not encourage good choices
by giving rewards was a concept foreign to people. It
took some time for staff and parents to become
accustomed to the idea of children making good choices
because it is the right thing to do and not because they
receive a reward, i.e., sticker, candy, movie, etc. (Page 12)"

Dr. McCormack described an incident she had seen at the close of a school day:

"Without being told, Robert put his chair on top of his
desk. The teacher commented, 'Robert, you put your chair
up without being told. What level was that?' With a
look of puzzlement on his face, Robert thought for a
moment. He seemed to freeze in space. Then his eyes
widened, he slowly raised his face toward the teacher and
with a tone of astonishment he responded, 'C'? His
teacher said, 'Yes, Robert. That was a cooperative
behavior choice. Thank you very much.'

"The next day Robert was very active in trying to
demonstrate cooperation. Identifying positive behavior to
a child and expressing respect or appreciation tells the
child he is competent to choose and to do good. In
effect, it becomes self-motivating. (Page 13)"

A further understanding of the hierarchy and how it is designed to be used are at The Hierarchy and Significant Points.