Finding the Music

When I present to a school or school district, or when my In-House Seminar Package is purchased, the client receives a 75-page Resource Guide. In it, I share one of my favorite stories. I share it with you here.

Nicolo Paganini (1782-1840) is still considered one of  the greatest violinists of all time. One day, as he was about to perform before a sold-out house, he walked out  on stage to a huge ovation but felt that something was  terribly wrong.

Suddenly he realized that he had someone else’s violin in his hand. Horrified, but knowing that his most prudent choice was to begin, he started playing.

That day he gave the performance of his life.

After the concert, Paganini was in his dressing room speaking to a fellow musician and he reflected, “Today I  learned the most important lesson of my entire career. Before today, I thought the music was in the violin. Today, I learned that the music is in me.”

Let us foster this kind of thinking in our students.