How do you do this with a whole class?


I’m having trouble picturing how the DWS process can be done with an entire class at once.  I can see how the conversation works with one child but how would you deal with a whole class that is misbehaving?  Do you ask each child to tell you what level they’re on?

RESPONSE (from a member of the DWS mailring):

DWS works pretty much the same whether you’re dealing with the whole class, a small group, or just one child. The same 4 layered steps of the Teaching Model apply.   The same 3 steps of the Raise Responsibility system are used when necessary.  When you address the whole class, often one or two kids spontaneously take on the responding role, whereas when you’re working with an individual child, you talk one-on-one.

In a small group, I’ve done it both ways. Sometimes I turn to talk to each child individually within the group (while the rest are listening,) and sometimes one or two children spontaneously take on the role of answering for the group. It would depend on the severity of the problem as to whether you would need to talk to each individual (sometimes even privately,) or whether having one spokesperson is enough.