Habits for Effectiveness

I had the distinct pleasure of celebrating and speaking with Emery Stoops, a former professor of mine at the University of Southern California, who celebrated the 103rd anniversary of his birth.

Phi Delta Kappa International republished his “Psychology of Success: Develop Your Hidden Powers,” which they first published in 1983 when Emery was a youthful 86.

Here is a checklist from the book that Dr. Stoops entitled, “GRADE YOUR HABITS.” His page is divided into columns—the first is the habit and the second gives the reader an opportunity to self-grade: F, D, C, B, A.

Here are the habits:
1. Starting early
2. Enjoying your work
3. Believing in your ability
4. Scheduling time and place for work at home
5. Organizing tools, supplies, and equipment
6. Avoiding distractions
7. Stressing the positive
8. Persisting toward a goal
9. Making a strong finish
10. Controlling you temper
11. Avoiding unfair judgments
12. Speaking well of others

Although I am not suggesting you grade yourself, I do suggest your reflecting on each of these habits to determine whether or not you have considered them.

Three other habits are described at another article on increasing effectiveness.