The William Glasser Institute

Here is an interesting e-mail I received that deserves sharing:

I teach in a school in Sydney, Australia. I recently did a course in Choice Theory and saw your book at the course. Having read it, I decided I would try to implement your ideas. I was also curious to find out more and discovered your site when I did a search. Although I am still a novice, I can say that your system does work, and for the first time this year one of my most difficult classes has finally settled down and there is real learning happening.



Note: “Choice Theory” is a registered trademark of the William Glasser Institute. It is the basis for training in REALITY THERAPY, QUALITY SCHOOL EDUCATION, and LEAD MANAGEMENT. More about the institute can be fund at

(I am “Glasser certified” and speak at the institutes’s international conferences. The concepts of noncoercion and accepting responsibility for one’s decisions are prime characteristics of William Glasser’s and my approach.)