5 Essential Stress Management Tips

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Everyone needs some simple stress management strategies. Here are 5 easy, natural stress relief tips that enable you to de-stress immediately.

Stress Management Tip 1: Pivot

You see an accident and an emotion immediately erupts.

You hear a compliment and a nice feeling immediately follows.

You smell your morning coffee and you feel good.

You taste your favorite desert and a wonderful feeling follows.

You touch something soft and enjoy the feeling.

After each of the five senses an emotion follows.

Likewise, you think a negative thought and immediately become anxious.

The brain-body connection is such that feelings immediately follow our senses and our thoughts.

Note that you cannot stop emotions, but by changing your thinking you can redirect your emotion and improve your stress management skills.

Stress Management Tip 2: Positivity

Think negatively and increase your stress. Think positive thoughts and good feelings like empowerment follow. You can learn how to live your life and manage your stress with positivity.

Stress Management Tip 3: Choices

Choice ends when life ends. Be aware of your choices and you never need to feel as if you are a victim. You can learn how to make stress-reducing choices and prevent victimhood thinking by practicing impulse management.

Stress Management Tip 4: Reflection

You can control other people, but you cannot change them. People change themselves. The key to this tip is to have others WANT to do what you want them to do because THEY WANT TO. The skill of asking reflective questions is the key to this tip and you can learn this skill. Like learning any skill, it just takes practice. Remember: The person who asks the question controls the conversation.

Stress Management Tip 5: Assumptions

All assumptions are guesswork. Most people are incapable of articulating their motivation—and in many cases would not want to. You can significantly reduce your stress by reducing your assumptions. The first chapter of “LIVE WITHOUT STRESS” focuses on the importance of this topic for reducing stress and enjoying life more.

Tip: When you feel stress, reflect on these 5 essential stress management tips: Pivot, Positivity, Choices, Reflection, and Assumptions

Challenge: Just for a moment, assume you begin to feel the oncoming of stress. Which of the five (5) five stress management tips will you choose?

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