A Time for Reflection and Moving Forward

It seems amazing that this most tumultuous and disruptive year is finally coming to a close. As we all reflect on 2020 and the lessons it has taught us, it’s important to keep both balance and perspective as we focus on moving forward.

Personally, this past year I have tried to keep my responsibilities in line, despite the many challenges this year brought the world. The five foundational categories I have focused on are:

Family – immediate and far-reaching

Finance – and contributory fulfillment

Fitness – physical and psychological

Faith – religious, and optimism in resolving failings

Friends – to feed and find anew

Of course, I’ve had to adapt and find new ways to keep my priorities in order. The world has certainly changed over the past year. And as creatures of habit, we often find new ways of living more difficult simply because they are different. But I have tried to use the past as a guidepost, rather than as a hitching post.

I think the greatest compliment one can give an individual in our changing world is that he or she is a student of something and constantly seeks to learn and grow. I always have and still do view learning as a responsibility I have for myself.

Perhaps the statement of the dear old gentleman in his eighties best captures my thinking. He said, “Whatever the confusions of yesterday, the uncertainties of tomorrow, or the frustrations of today, this I know to be true: When I cease to grow, I’ll begin to die. And so while I can run, I’ll run; while I can walk, I’ll walk; and when I can only crawl, I’ll crawl. But I’ll always be moving forward.”

Happy Holidays to everyone, and may we all keep moving forward to bigger and better things in 2021.