Choose Positive Words

Positive Words

Positive words have a positive effect on your life. The fact is that the words you choose can help you win or lose. They can put you in a positive mood, or they can enable you to free fall into a downward spiral. Your words can make you feel empowered, or they can burden you with stress. In any case, you get to choose the words you think and say. That means you have total control over your outlook and stress load.

Here’s a simple example of how your words—even a single word—can promote a positive mindset and why positive words are always the best choice. Consider the following example that a 14-year-old student sent me:

“When I think of homework, I notice that I don’t want to do it and don’t do it well. I find it a problem, and problems are burdens. No one wants burdens.

“I decided to call homework ‘challenges’ and what a difference it has made. I like challenges.”

We can learn a lot from this teen. Here’s an example to try for yourself. Say the following two sentences out loud and feel their effects:

“I HAVE to go to work today.”

“I GET to go to work today.”

Power talkers use the latter; they use words positive words—words that empower.

Positive Words Can Change Your Life

There is abundant scientific research that shows people who speak in a positive way are not only healthier, live longer, are subject to fewer emotional problems, get higher grades, and sell more but also experience more of what they are after.

This is the prime reason that “positivity” is the first practice of the Without Stress methodology.

Just reflect, “Is what you are about to say going to sound positive or negative to the other person?”

The principle is such common sense: People do better when they feel good, not when they feel bad.

Like any skill, positivity needs to be practiced to be effective.

May your day today be filled with positive words!


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