Discipline and Society

Those who use the Discipline Without Stress methodology quickly realize that the approach has far reaching effects beyond the classroom. 

Presently, our whole society is plagued with values confusion, resulting in inappropriate behaviors and decisions in every aspect of life: work, politics, home, etc. In fact, undesirable behaviors (Levels A and B) are prevalent and rampant in our society. The news provides us with endless examples of this. It seems apparent that our whole society is now in need of “raising responsibility” and of becoming more conscious of choices made so that our society as a whole does not feel the negative effects.

Knowing this, schools need Discipline Without Stress now more than ever so that the emerging generations can enter the adult world with a renewed sense of responsibility. Remember that responsibility only becomes effective when voluntarily taken. If children don’t learn what responsibility looks like in school or at home, where are they to learn it? From the news? I think not.

It is by “reflecting” upon our choices that we develop responsibility, and students do welcome this important phase of the Discipline Without Stress program. That’s why I urge all teachers and parents to give it a try. It’s the best discipline help available.