Do the Levels of Development Really Work?

When something sounds too good to be true, it’s natural for people to be skeptical about it. This is true for everything from weight loss products to money making opportunities to even my very own Levels of Development.

People often wonder, “Can the Levels of Development and the Without Stress Methodology really change behavior and promote responsibility in youth?” After receiving countless testimonials and working with children and staff first hand, I can say without hesitation that it works.

Consider this email I received recently:

My name is Melissa Stuart. I was a teacher in California for 28 years and am now teaching in McKinney, TX. I used your program in CA. I loved it and believed in it. I even talked to you on the phone one time. I am new to a school here in Texas. My staff was in search of a new discipline program. I re-read your book this summer and shared it with my principal. She was hooked. We have started a Behavior Intervention committee and are doing a book study on your book. My 5th grade team is implementing the program. 

I am in utter shock at how my students have completely embraced this style of behavior management. Their explanations of the levels [of development] … is amazing, so much so that my principal asked me to video them. I shared with another school and they are buying the program and books for their staff. It is so easy for me to promote because it works. I just put in for a grant to get the online program so that I can share with my staff.

I found out today that my principal asked me to put together a video, interviewing my students. She has been asked to share this program with all of the principals in my district. Our main focus this year is Kindness … across the district. I have been a huge advocate and promoter for this program. I would love to see my whole district jump on board. I have an autistic little girl that has jumped in whole-hearted. She believes in this and it has brought her out of her shell. I wish that you could see the video of her explaining Level D. 

I think that you would be an amazing speaker for our district, McKinney ISD in Texas. I wish that I could go around and share how to help our children take ownership of their behavior and be intrinsically motivated. My own class asked if they could teach the other classes. Sorry to be so long winded. Just want to get this program embedded in our school. It would change the entire culture. Thank you for writing this book. 

Melissa Stuart, 5th Grade Math Teacher/Student Council Sponsor, Eddins Elementary

You Can Do It Too!

If you’re a teacher of any grade, you owe it to yourself and your students to give this program a try. Read the book, Discipline Without Stress, and then start by introducing the Levels of Development to your students. That alone will help your students refocus their behavior and take ownership of their decisions.

You can find many tools to help you implement the system at our online store. Check it out.

Tip: Classroom management and behavior management need not be difficult. But for change to occur, you need to take that first step. Check out the many resources that are available to you. The results will surprise you.


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