Self-discipline and Insatiability

The human appetite is insatiable. You know this if you are a parent. An infant's first three spoken words are "mommy," "daddy," and "more."

This is a paradox in humans. If we focus on total satisfaction, the result becomes dissatisfaction because our desires are rarely satiated. Some people never achieve enough money, time, food, gambling/gaming income, or whatever else they desire.

If we allow ourselves to succumb to our natural appetites, happiness eludes us because it is the nature of life to want more. However, a person oriented to happiness is satisfied when reigning over this natural desire.

A relationship with oneself will never be optimal without this paradoxical realization. Each of us has a responsibility to have a good relationship with ourself. Such a relationship starts with the understanding that one can strive to obtain what one desires—but to be grateful for the opportunity of the pursuit itself. And in the pursuit, decide at which level you will be satisfied. This requires some self-discipline in terms of what to focus on.