Discipline, Influence, and the ABCD “Don’ts”

Classifications help us to clarify thinking and communications. We often hear reference to left and right brain hemisphericity, personality types, learning styles, and various intelligences. Yet, the MOST FUNDAMENTAL classification dealing with fellow humans has to do with the emotional part of our brain and its influence on cognition.

The fight, flight, or freeze syndrome originating deep in the amygdala of the brain affects decisions we make. In dealing with others, it prompts a mix of emotion and cognition. It instinctively translates into classifications, such as friend or foe? Are you likeable? and Am I willing to be influenced by you?

One approach for gaining rapport with others relies on the awareness of this phenomenon. We can discipline our thinking and refrain from the “ABCD Don’ts.”
ABCD Don’ts:
Criticize, or