Influence and Key Questions

In August 1986, Lee Iacocca, the president of Chrysler, was about to address his dealers at the company's annual convention held in Atlantic City, NJ. Iacocca's message was based on telling his dealers how they could increase their business in the next year. To succeed, he said, "All you have to do is memorize four words. Here they are: Make someone like you."

The truth of the matter is that you cannot MAKE someone like you—but you can certainly INFLUENCE a person. And the most effective way to influence a person is gain trust by being noncoercive.

Just think of anyone you call a friend. Chances are you do not try to coerce that person and that person does not attempt to coerce you. You also trust that person. Without these two characteristics—noncoercion and trust—you probably would not consider that person a friend.

As with the question posed in the previous post, here are a few others to ponder if you desire to to be successful in your various relationships:

If I were a child, would I want me as a parent?

If I were an employee, would I want me as a boss?

If I were married, would I want to be married to me?