Positive Communications Build Positive Relationships

We all know that positive communications are vital to maintaining positive relationships. Most of us, though, are not conscious of the power of our communications. As a result, we say things that seem innocuous to us but that may make the other party feel bad.

The fact is that the words and phrases we use in our daily interactions have three major influences:

(1) They influence how we think and experience the world.

(2) They shape the way others see us.

(3) They determine how much cooperation and success we have with other people.

Remember that when words come out of our mouths, they don’t just go to the listeners’ ears. We hear our own words too. So our words affect us just as much as they affect others. This is why focusing on positive communication is so important.

Why Positive Communications Matter

We can use words that are landmines and that will blow up our odds of getting cooperation, or we can use words that are persuasive in a positive way. For example, if I introduce a phrase with the word, “unfortunately,” it conjures up that something bad will follow. I have communicated in such a way that it prompts you to set up a negative mindset. What I say after, “unfortunately,” will support your inference.

The key is to accentuate the positive. When you guide your thoughts to focus on the positive and constructive, then you feel mentally nourished and enriched. A monkey is smart enough to eat only the nourishing banana and throw away the bitter peel. Yet, humans often “chew on the peel” of negatives. Negative thoughts and words affect us and others in the ways listed above.

In short, when you focus on maintaining positive communications, it will shape how others see you and will influence how much cooperation and success you have with other people.

Tip: People are like magnets. They are drawn to the positive and are repelled by the negative. Positive communications are the key to good relationships.