School Announcements As Questions

The following was post by Kerry at the mailring.

I usually post the announcement questions that our school uses each day. Originally,  when we did a book study of Discipline Without Stress, we decided to change the format of our daily announcements to make them more in line with the DWS philosophy.

Instead of TELLING kids things like, “Don’t run on the pavement,” we decided we’d be more effective if we asked a question of the students in order to get them to do their own thinking. Nowadays, we might ask, “Why is it a smart idea to walk rather than to run on the pavement leading to the playground?”

We use these announcements/questions to deal with problems in the school, to review school-wide procedures, and to do some character education. We also use them for acknowledgments.

Each day we have one question and generally most teachers take a minute or two to discuss the question after the announcements are over.

Over the years we have built a bank of questions that we repeat each year, and we continue to add more.

Originally, adults did the announcements, but for a few years now our grade sixes have been taking turns at the mike. We have four questions a week, except for Mondays when we have our regular school assembly.

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