Sharing Learning

We all know that the best advertising is a referral. When you see an enjoyable movie or read a good book, there is a natural inclination to share what you have enjoyed. The same holds true for learning. If you have learned something, there is a desire to share it with others.

Please take a moment and reflect on your successes with the teaching model of  (1) understanding the differences between discipline and classroom management, (2) using the three principles to practice (positivity, choice, and reflection), (3) the three parts to the Raise Responsibility System (teaching, asking, and eliciting), and (4) using he Hierarchy of Social Development to improve academic performance.

If by using these you have become more successful in promoting responsible behavior, increasing your effectiveness, and/or improving your relationships, please consider sharing the “Promoting Responsibility & Learning” newsletter (subscribe at thst now has over 15,000 subscribers. Think of just three people you believe could profit from this monthly sharing .

The noncoercive and positive approach is spreading and people are “joining up.” “Join Up” is the title of Monty Roberts’ approach. Roberts was the model for Robert Redford’s film, “The Horse Whisperer.” As with the strategies I share, his approach is one of noncoercion and trust to effect behavior changes and improve relations.

Thanks for encouraging others to “join up.”