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Discipline Without Stress Newsletter – March 2016

Volume 16 Number 3 March 2016
Newsletter #176 Archived


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  4. Improving Relationships
  5. Promoting Learning
  6. Parenting
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The direction that the corners of your mouth point will be the way your day will go.


Discipline Online has been completely revised. You will find the site easier to navigate, more pleasurable to read, and more efficient to use.


Wednesday’s short free tips so far:

1 The Problem with Telling People What to Do
2 Reduce Stress with Collaboration Not Domination
3 Having a Mindset of Making a Contribution Enhances Life
4 Reduce Power Struggles to Reduce Stress
5 Benjamin … >>>


What to Do When a Parent Misbehaves

Many teachers have discipline challenges not only with students, but also with the parents. In such cases, the parent of the misbehaving child may become rude or downright hostile when you, the teacher, explain that their “little angel” has discipline issues at school. What can you do when parents misbehave and are in need of some discipline themselves?

First, stay calm. Remember that you are being paid to teach the child, not the parents. It is a sad fact of life today that too many parents are confrontational rather than supportive. If you find yourself in a situation where a parent is getting enraged or offended because you are discussing discipline issues regarding their child, ask the parent, “What do … >>>


Classroom Meetings

A learning community is a place where students and teachers learn.

Most of us entered the teaching profession to work with young people and because we enjoy learning. An excellent way to pursue both is through the use of classroom meetings. But even more importantly, these meetings provide excellent opportunities for students to practice communication and socialization skills mandated in the curriculum. These skills are difficult to develop unless students actually practice them. Classroom meetings provide the perfect forum.


How people relate to each other is a critical component to the success of a learning community. Classroom meetings facilitate necessary positive relationships because they provide the opportunity towards building trust and respect—which in turn lead … >>>


An Interview about Where We Are Going – Part IV

This is the fourth part in a series of interviews about “Where We Are Going” with Michael F. Shaughnessy of Eastern New Mexico University.

What kind of assistance is found at your website?

RESPONSE: is the foundational site that contains free information explaining the entire system. This site includes such links as The Discipline Without Stress® Teaching Model, The Hierarchy of Social Development, support links, and other links to implement the proactive, totally noncoercive (but not permissive) system .

My aim is to have teachers increase their joy of teaching, reduce stress, improve relationships, and become more effective.

In addition to this main website, there are other sites to help teachers and parents: Discipline Without >>>



I am a teacher of English from Argentina. I read your book and decided to put your great ideas into practice. I am implementing the system with a group of nine-year-olds. I am writing to you because I had a problem with a parent and I would like your advice.

One of my students behaves like a bully, hits his classmates and threatens to hit them outside the classroom. He pushes them or he sometimes makes them stumble and he told a classmate something like ” Kiss my ass” ( in Spanish, of course). I decided to send a note to his parents when he did this, and asked him to write the following:

Dear Mom and Dad,
Today I … >>>