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Positive People Achieve More

Who do you think achieves more in life? Positive people or negative people? I assert that positive people fare far better in all areas of life. Why? Because when you’re positive, you see opportunity in every difficulty. But when you’re negative, you see difficulty in every opportunity.

A negative person allows problems to rent cognitive space. But why think of problems when you can fill your head with solutions?

How you respond to a new idea is an example of what you put in your head. For example, do you immediately dismiss new ideas? Do you see something novel as foolishness? Or do you allow yourself to examine the idea, to try it on for size, and think, “It just … >>>


Be Kind to Reduce Stress

As a youth I developed an attitude that I still use to this day: Be kind to myself. I learned at an early age that I was not perfect, that I made mistakes, and that sometimes I was sorry for what I did or said. Realizing that I could not undo the past and rather than punishing myself with negative thoughts and feelings, I decided to embrace the attitude of the great baseball player, Satchel Page, who said: “Don’t look back; something may be gaining on you.”

When you choose to be kind to yourself and others, your outlook on life changes and your stress level diminishes. Being mean and mentally punishing yourself does no good; rather, it causes enormous … >>>


Positivity Promotes Responsibility

Positivity (conscious optimism) induces responsibility. For everyone, including children, a positive attitude begins between the ears.

In fact, the most important thing people can control is their state of mind. A state of mind is something that one assumes. It cannot be purchased. It must be created.

Therefore, thinking and acting responsibly (or irresponsibly) begins with how a person shapes their own thoughts and communicates with others.

As leaders, teachers, and parents, we have an obligation to help young people shape and control their thoughts so that their impulses and tendency to blame and complain don’t control them. That’s when they will feel empowered to take responsibility for their actions and choices.

What techniques have you used with children that … >>>


Project Positive Expectations

Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush; it can color any situation. The teacher who says, “This is a very important test. Be careful,” paints a negative picture that shakes confidence. Saying, “This is a very important test and I know you can handle it and do well,” paints a positive picture.

Which would you rather hear when you walk into a restaurant: “I can’t seat you for thirty minutes” or “In thirty minutes I will have a wonderful table for you”? The result is the same, but the perception is different. The child who wets his bed conjures up one image when the parent says, “Don’t wet your bed tonight” and a completely different picture when the youngster hears, “Let’s see … >>>