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Child Discipline Done Right

Every parent and teacher struggles with child discipline from time to time. They want to use authority in their approach, but not necessarily be labeled as authoritarian. The keys to the success of using authority without being punitive are in using positive communications, empowering by offering choices, and by prompting reflection. These practices instill the mindset that the objective is to raise responsibility, rather than to punish. I talk about each of these in detail in my books Discipline Without Stress and Parenting Without Stress.

Punishment fosters evasion of responsibility and also has the disadvantage of increasing the distance between parents and children. A far more effective approach than punishment is to treat any situation as a teaching and … >>>


Raise Responsibiltiy System: Phases II and III

Regarding the RAISE RESPONSIBILITY SYSTEM, when checking for understanding do you use a referral if the student does not give appropriate responses to the teacher questions?


Just ask the class, “What level do we call it when someone makes his own standards of behavior?” The class will give you the answer and you continue teaching. The point of this phase is to have acknowledged that there was an unacceptable level of behavior.

If disruptions continue, then move into phase III, Guided Choices (using authority without being punitive) where a procedure or consequence is ELICITED. Another approach is to give the student an assignment with a choice, e.g., completing the essay or self-diagnostic referral by oneself, with … >>>