The Stress-Fee Way to Motivate Students and Children

Teachers and parents are always looking for ways to motivate students and children. Whether it’s inspiring them to do their homework or clean their rooms, adults try many different techniques to get the youth to comply.

Unfortunately, many adults use external motivators at school and at home. These include telling young people what to do, threatening and punishing them, and rewarding them for things that they should do. These approaches do little to motivate students and children. Rather, they teach young people OBEDIENCE. The shortcomings of obedience appear when teachers and parents are not around to use these EXTERNAL motivators.

I created the Levels of Development to help teachers and parents focus on internal motivation. This is important because internal motivation is what builds the vision to act with responsible, autonomous behavior whether or not anyone else is around. This is the key to motivate students and children without external factors.

Motivate Students and Children for Success

If we are to continue the civil democracy that has been our heritage, we must do more than just talk about civil democracy and responsibility. We must actively foster it. We can do this by PROVIDING OPPORTUNITIES for young people to take responsibility We can also show them that responsible behavior is not only in their best interest, but also the most satisfying.

By TEACHING the Levels of Development, using REFLECTION to change irresponsible behavior, and using AUTHORITY WITHOUT BEING PUNITIVE, we empower students to manage themselves to be responsible and perpetuate a civil society.

Tip: Review the Levels of Development with the youth in your life. You’ll find it’s the best way to motivate students and children of all ages.


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