Reject Rejection

Reject rejection.

Rejection does not prevent success; fear of rejection does.

You should keep in mind that there is no rational reason to fear rejection. Reject the rejector, and go about your affairs.

The high school student applied to a prestigious university but was not accepted. The student was not accepted before the application was submitted and was not accepted after the application was submitted. In reality, the student is no worse off than if the application had not been submitted at all.

A few years ago when I was presenting for university extension programs around the country, one university where I had a desire to present did not hire me. My mentor in this endeavor was a psychologist, Dr. James Sutton, an expert in “passive-aggressive” behavior—now referred to as “oppositional defiant disorder.”  When I informed Jim of the university’s decision, his remark to me was, “That’s their loss.” I took his approach; I rejected their rejection.

Interestingly, the same university now uses the book as their core text in a required course.

Treat the negative response as it deserves to be treated; reject it.