Challenge Your Assumptions

Challenge Your Assumptions

In order to live your best life, it’s necessary to challenge your assumptions from time to time. Assumptions are beliefs you take for granted. They are so natural and involuntary they usually do not enter your consciousness. The fact is that you make assumptions every day. Some assumptions are helpful and make living life easier. For example, you assume that when you get out of bed, the floor will be beneath you. Or, you assume that when you mail a letter, the intended recipient will receive it.

However, there are also assumptions you make that may not be valid. For example, you may assume that someone is angry with you by the manner in which that person speaks to you. Yet it could be that the person is feeling frustrated by an event entirely unconnected to you and is simply “taking it out” on the first person encountered—in this case, you. This is when it’s helpful to take some time to challenge your assumptions.

With all assumptions, you have a choice. Consider this: You have your yearly routine health exam with the assumption that all tests ordered are routine and the results will be favorable. Or you can assume that, since the doctor is ordering tests, there will be something wrong. The significant point to remember is that once you understand that you are making an assumption, you can consciously decide if it serves you well. In other words, you can challenge your assumption. This understanding gives you more control over you life and, therefore, can reduce your stress.

Tip: It’s important that you challenge your assumptions on a regular basis. Are your assumptions serving you well? Or are they causing you unnecessary stress? Challenge any assumptions that are holding you back. When you do, you’ll feel a mindset shift as your attitude and outlook become more positive and less stressful.