Improve Your Life with the Levels of Development

Improve Your Life

If you’re like most people, you probably want to improve your life in some way. Whether it’s improving your decision-making skills, your relationships, or your job situation, the desire for change and life improvement is an important human urge. No wonder there are so many books and websites dedicated to personal and professional growth.

In my own experience and in working with countless others, I have found that once you implement the Levels of Development into your life, change and growth are natural byproducts. That’s because the Levels of Development essentially gives you a rubric for making decisions and living your best life. It’s one of the simplest tools to use to improve your life

How is this possible? It’s because the Levels of Development help clarify the motivation behind all your decisions. Are you allowing outside forces to dictate your behavior? Or are you in control of your decisions and behavior? Once you are aware why you are doing something, you can better reflect on your choices and actions, and then take the steps that lead to responsibility, empowerment, and ultimately growth.

Know Your Motivation and Improve Your Life

For example, chances are that at some point in life you experienced great anger and had little concern for the effect your behavior had on others. This is acting on Level A – Anarchy. If you don’t know about the Levels of Development, it’s easy to continue acting on this level indefinitely and experiencing all the negative outcomes such behavior brings about. However, if you realize you are being influenced by an external motivation (whatever triggered your anger) you can reflect on it and figure out other ways to respond. You can realize that you have a choice in your reaction and that you can choose to operate on a higher level. Once you do, you’ll experience more positive outcomes, all because you were aware of your motivation for acting a certain way.

Tip: Study the Levels of Development and commit to implementing it in your life. Teach the Levels to the youth in your life too. You’ll quickly realize that doing so is a simple way to improve your life.