Confront Negativity with Positivity

Positivity is important. And sometimes we need to think of the meaning behind what we like to keep. This applies to both physical and mental keepsakes. Are your thoughts and possessions promoting positivity? Or do you need to let go of some outdated beliefs?

Here is a case in point.

For years I have had a little statue describing an ancient morality. The tiny statue that sat on my desk portrayed three little monkeys. One had hands over the eyes, another with hands over the ears, and a third with hands over the mouth.

The message was to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. The philosophy portrayed in the little figures is that good is found in not doing evil. I have decided that in today’s world with chaos, terrorism, and brutality this morality needs to be discarded. I trashed my little statue.

Why Positivity Matters

Not seeing, hearing, or talking about evil is a negative and not a very courageous approach to life. I reflected: What kind of society would we have, how progressive would we be, what kind of life/world would we have if we ignored evil actions?

The philosophy of ignoring evil and its negative morality needs to be discarded. Being positive and confronting evil will result in many more civil societies.

This is one reason why teaching children the Levels of Development is so important. When children learn to operate at the two higher levels (D and C), they are being positive members of society and are leading by example. In contrast, when they act on the lower levels (B and A), they are contributing to the stress and chaos that affects so many facets of life.

Tip: Confront negativity with positivity.


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