Good Listening Skills Reduces Stress AND Improves Relationships

Having good listening skills will make your life easier and your relationships less stressful. In fact, if you ask yourself how you know someone cares for you, one of your responses is likely to be that you know because the person listens to you.

Without good listening skills, no relationship can flourish. Ask a husband about a good wife, and he is likely to say that he knows his wife cares for him because she listens to what he has to say. Ask a wife about a good husband, and she’ll respond that he listens to her.

This is true with children too. When the parent says, “It’s about time you started listening to me,” chances are the youngster is also thinking, “It’s about time you started listening to me.”

The Importance of Listening Skills

Even if we are saying something that is not really worth listening to, we still want someone to listen to us. Showing good listening skills, even during idle small talk, will always make the other person feel special.

Ask a person in a poor relationship why the person feels the way he/she does, and that person will say that the other person “doesn’t care about me.”

Ask, “How do you know?” and more often than not the response will be, “He doesn’t listen to me.”

Being caring and displaying good listening skills are prime ingredients for good relationships. They are so intertwined that if you experience one, you also experience the other.

Tip: Think about your relationships. How would you rate them? Next, how would you rate your listening skills? Do you see a correlation? Are you consistently displaying top-notch listening skills to others?


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