Make Time for Self-Reflection

Do you schedule self-reflection time into your day? Most people do not. However, if you want to reduce your stress, increases your focus, and develop the mindset to create your ideal life, making time for self-reflection is key.

Think of living your life like an artist painting a picture. An artist cannot be continually wielding the paintbrush. The painter must stop at times to step back, reflect on their work, and freshen their vision of the painting. Without this crucial step, the artist will never be able to express their full vision on the canvas.

In this way, living is also an art. We can’t become so absorbed in life’s technical process—the day-to-day tasks—that we lose sight of our general plan, our goals, or even our purpose. That’s why we need to pause every so often in our brushwork to do some self-reflection. When we do so, we can take ourselves back to our objective with a clarified vision and renewed energy.

Questions for Self-Reflection

Following are some reflective questions to ask yourself. Choose one or two questions each day to focus on.

  1. How am I using my time each day?
  2. What am I taking for granted?
  3. How can I make my mindset more positive rather than negative?
  4. What thoughts are in my head when I wake up each day?
  5. What thoughts are in my head when I fall asleep each night?
  6. How am I taking care of my physical, mental, and emotional health?
  7. What steps am I taking to accomplish my goals?
  8. How do I handle stressful situations?
  9. What am I doing to strengthen my relationships?
  10. Am I living true to myself?

Tip: Living is an art, and we have a responsibility to enjoy it. Self-reflection is key to making the most of your life.