One Question a Day

Rather than the traditional daily school announcements, here is how a very successful school uses its announcements to prompt students to think about character development. Four days a week the morning announcements END WITH A QUESTION designed to prompt reflection and responsibility.

Posing a daily question directs the attention of everyone in the school (both students and teachers) to a specific issue or topic. Throughout the year, the school reinforces school-wide procedures, solves small problems, and encourage internal motivation through the announcements.

This practice of posing questions at the end of the morning announcement has been going on for many years, and the school sees a lot of good coming from them. Although the specific questions are tailored to the school’s own community, it is the hope that by sharing the announcements other schools will be influenced to consider developing a similar program—since the reflective questions provide a powerful way to influence students.

You can learn more about this technique and see samples of the questions in our new free ebook, School Announcements: One Question A Day. Download your free copy today and share it with your school.