Trump Stress Avoidance Tips

Picture of a sign of the US Presidential Election

Trump stress avoidance tips is about helping those who are having difficulty accepting the 2016 presidential election results. Three people suggested that I should share my thoughts about the subject of stress that so many people are undergoing after the 2016 presidential election results.

This makes sense since I am the author of three books on dealing with stress: Live Without Stress, Parenting Without Stress, and Discipline Without Stress.

More people are having difficulty accepting the results of this presidential election than any in recent memory.

For those experiencing anxiety and alarm since the election, here are three tips to reduce your anxiety and stress and that will improve your disposition.

Before sharing the three tips, keep this in mind: There is no such thing as immaculate perception. What you see depends upon what you thought before you looked.

Tip number 1:
Check your assumptions.

False and wrong assumptions are prime factors in more screw-ups in life and in relationships than any other factor. The antidote to this is NOT to assume. An assumption about what someone else will do is pure guesswork. You can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety by NOT assuming that YOU KNOW what the incoming president will do.

Tip number 2:
Give positivity a chance.

Ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that can happen? If you can live with your response to this question, your anxiety and stress will significantly decrease.

In addition, if you answer this question and realize that perhaps some good may come from the results of this election, you will have moved to one of the most fundamental of American values. This value is a prime reason that the United States is a nation of immigrants. We refer to this characteristic as HOPE.

Tip number 3:

Science and medicine have proved without any doubt that emotion ALWAYS follows cognition. First comes the thought and the emotion immediately follows. Think negatively of the incoming president, and your anxiety and stress levels will increase. Think in positive terms that he may bring some great improvements. to the country, and stress dissipates.

So if you continue to be anxious or upset, CHANGE YOUR THINKING.

To recap:

Tip number 1: Check your assumptions. Don’t assume. Wait for the action.

Tip number 2: Give positivity a chance. In other words, be hopeful.

Tip number 3: Pivot. Change your thoughts and a new emotion will immediately follow.

Tip: These three tips can be used to handle any stress.